First blog post

Hi everyone!

Or should I say no one lol. I’m actually really glad to be able to just write this. Whether or not I receive a lot of views, I’m excited. I’ve tried the whole YouTube thing, but after multiple attempts, I’ve noticed that I tend to fail miserably lol. But I still love it and hopefully, one day I’ll be able to start that up again for attempt #54637653.

Okay so first: Who the heck are you?

Lol okay so my name is Love and I’m a junior in high school. I am sixteen, an African-American #blackgirlmagic , and I’m very weird (which you will soon come to learn).

So why make a blog then? 

I decided to make this blog because I have always loved writing and I feel like this is a great way for my writing to grow and for me to be able to share it with the world.

So are you just trying to get famous?

Maybe… Just kidding! I’m just kidding lol. I most importantly wanted to make this blog so that people like me would be able to have someone to relate to, a place to feel safe, and to not feel alone.

You mentioned YouTube earlier. What exactly made you choose blogging as an alternative?

I noticed that there are soooooooo many of the same type of people on YouTube. You’ve got the: Fashion and Lifestyle people, the Beauty Gurus, the Pranksters, the Couples, the Storytimers, the Gamers, the Daily Vloggers etc. etc. And they all seem to focus on the same things just in different variation. But don’t get me wrong, I know everybody is just trying to make it. I mean, hey, I am too. We can all enjoy them and their videos but after a while it get’s repetitive and begins to seem as though they are all just doing it for the money. There people who even admit to that and change but that’s definitely not the majority.  Hence, I decided that I will take the initiative to be that someone that covers more than just one area of life and a leader to flip the script. We, the teenagers, can also be creative and make content instead of just being viewers. As a result, I decided that a blog would allow for my future readers to truly talk to one another when we get tired of it all and just want to help each other out.

So “Learn Love Now,” is this some all girl thing? Also, why that title?

No. Definitely not. Everybody is welcome to read and participate. I choose that title because the other ones I wanted were taken :/ . JK JK. I choose it because we all are learning every single day. We never stop. We also learn about love, whether it be: familial-wise, friendship, partnership/ initimate relationship, or even through self-love. We learn what love truly is and from that, we grow. But we also need to learn that hate is 9/10 times the cause for most of our problems. Hence, learning about how to love and be fair/ kind to one another can truly change lives. And what better time for all of this than now?

Wow, okay. Well I guess thats all the questions I can fake ask myself lol. I hope you guys like my first post and future posts.

Xoxo Love.